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class of 2018 | taia [senior portraits] | jordan mn senior photographer

September 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
A beautiful end-of-summer evening in historic downtown Jordan, MN was the perfect backdrop for Taia's senior portrait, class of 2018 Central High School. This bright eyed girl made my job so easy, with her natural smile in front of my camera. Taia laughed at me when I told her I was afraid I was going to say her name wrong! Then she taught me about having a "coffee name," which I had never heard of - surprising since I worked as a Starbucks barista for a few years. We explored the area of the downtown businesses, with so many nooks and crannies for us to use as backgrounds. After a few outfit changes, we headed down to the river & waterfall area for some sunshine & trees. Taia loves being outdoors so this was a great spot. We had fun climbing over all those rocks and yelling over the noise of the rushing waterfall. Thank you for a fantastic senior session Taia - and enjoy your senior year! 
ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_2ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_2 ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_3ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_3
ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_5ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_5 ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_6ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_6
ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_8ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_8 ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_9ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_9
ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_11ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_11 ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_12ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_12
ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_15ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_15 ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_16ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_16
ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_18ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_18 ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_19ChaskaMN_SeniorPhotographer_19
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