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he asked..she said yes! | brett & leanna [proposal stories] | ottumwa ia engagement photographer

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Proposal stories: Brett & Leanna, July 3, 2016
Burlington, IA
I was lucky enough to meet this awesome girl named Leanna after randomly getting paired as roommates our freshman year at Wartburg College, in Waverly, IA. After talking to her on the phone for the first time, I was a little nervous about who I was going to live with, as she had said she was "warshing her car!" but it all turned out okay. We ended up staying roommates for all four years at the 'Burg. Fast forward several years after graduating, and Leanna is living and teaching in Ottumwa, IA and started dating this Brett guy. I knew he was a good match for Leanna when I heard he played college football and now refs high school football. Their love of sports - especially for the Hawkeyes - runs deep! We took their engagement photos this past fall on a beautiful day as the sunset and they are getting married in June. I am excited to share their proposal story with you on my blog! 
In Leanna's words:
On July 3rd, 2016 I got the biggest surprise of my life. Brett and I were down in Burlington for the Fourth of July weekend. We had fun with a group of friends at the Bee’s (baseball) game the night before, had been swimming at grandma’s pool all day despite the rain, Brett had to get his phone fixed, and I was tired. 
I had just woken up from a nap. I was sitting on the lounge chair in my parent’s living room when Brett came in. He seemed really anxious to go out to his Uncle Kent’s. He asked me several times to get up and get ready to go out there. I was so tired and was not cooperating. Brett was standing behind me waiting for me to get up and go. I was getting annoyed and even asked him to sit down for a few minutes because he was making me nervous. 
My mom finally jumped in and said that I needed to get up and go. My hair was a mess of frizz. I had on my tennis sweatshirt and gym shorts because it was still cold and misting outside. Brett told me that we needed to get going. I guess I would just have to go over there looking like a hot mess. I am sure they would see it sometime anyway. 
We got into the car. Brett started driving into Crapo Park. I wondered if he knew where he was going. He finally spoke up and asked, “Can you take me to the spot where you want to get married if we were to do it in Burlington?” 
I, of course, asked “Why?” as a giggle escaped from my mouth. 
He told me, “I want to see it!” 
I directed him to the spot, and he parked the car. “I want to get out and see it. Come on!” he said to me. 
“Why?” I asked again. “It’s raining and chilly outside.” 
“I just want to see. You’ve never shown it to me before,” he proclaimed. 
“We have walked Wrigley past it several times. I have just never pointed it out to you,” I said giving into his request. 
We got out of the car and walked around to Shakespeare’s Garden. He asked me weird and funny questions as we walked around. He wanted to know where we would stand if we got married, and where I would walk down the aisle. He hugged me a ton, whispering in my ear how much he loved me. He told me that he could not picture his life with anyone else. 
He asked me again, “Would we stand here if we were getting married?” Both of my hands were in his just like we would stand if we were actually saying our vows and getting married. And then it happened. He got down on one knee and pulled out a white box from his pocket. He asked, “Leanna, will you marry me?” 
I responded with, “No… no… no way. Are you serious?” He starred at me. “Yes, of course!” I finally blurted out. We hugged and kissed for what seemed like forever. We both had that stupid grin on our faces as we headed back to the car. 
When we were in the car, I told him, “We have to go to my parents’ house and tell them the good news.” 
“No, Leanna. We are going to my Uncle Kent’s first,” he responded. 
I was so mad at him for this. He missed the turn for my parents’ house, and I begged him to go back. He reassured me that it would be okay. 
He continued to drive until we ended up at Catfish Bend. He finally told me that he had booked a room at the hotel for us that night. When he was “running errands,” he had brought some of the stuff that we would need for the night out to the hotel. He also told me that I needed to call my parents and have them meet us for dinner. 
I asked him, “What about Uncle Kent’s?” He told me that was just a story that he had made up to get me out of the house. He sure fooled me. 
When we got up to the room, I called my parents. I only got to talk to my dad because he was so excited after talking to me that he did not even offer the phone to my mom. We met them at Boogaloo Café and ate dinner. In the middle of dinner two very important people showed up to help us celebrate. Sara and Emily came into town to congratulate us on our engagement. Brett had also planned that out. 
I am so lucky to have someone that is so thoughtful and wonderful. I cannot wait to call him mine. Even though we are not getting married in Burlington, he made Shakespeare’s Garden even more special by proposing to me in it.
Iowa Wedding PhotographerProposalPhotographer_MN
Iowa Wedding PhotographerProposalPhotographer_MN
Iowa Wedding PhotographerProposalPhotographer_MN
I am so looking forward to capturing more of this love story in June as Brett & Leanna say I do! Stay tuned for more proposal stories to come! 
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