a.photographer | all smiles & valentine's kisses | mayer child portrait photographer | easton [6 months portraits]

all smiles & valentine's kisses | mayer child portrait photographer | easton [6 months portraits]

January 30, 2017  •  1 Comment
Smiley Easton made this photo session such a joy. Now six months old and full of personality, it seems like his newborn session was forever ago! We started outside with some family portraits; the vintage gas station attached to my studio was the perfect backdrop to go along with the red & blue plaid. I couldn't get over Easton's "Elmer Fudd" hat - it looked so cute on him! You can tell this little one absolutely adores his parents and is never short of smiles for mom & dad. Back in the studio, Easton rocked his little cream knit jumper, giggling away! I cannot believe how fast he has grown. This age is always a favorite of mine - personalities are starting to shine. After a quick change into a more country look, with a plaid shirt that almost matched his dad's, Easton had a bunch more smiles & giggles for me. His moose hat was also a hit. Before we were finished, Lindsay had a great idea for some Valentine's themed portraits - covering her babe in bright red kisses! Everything about this photo session was adorable. Thanks for rocking your portraits, Easton! 
ChanhassenMN_ChildPhotographer_3ChanhassenMN_ChildPhotographer_3 ChanhassenMN_ChildPhotographer_4ChanhassenMN_ChildPhotographer_4
ChanhassenMN_ChildPhotographer_6ChanhassenMN_ChildPhotographer_6 ChanhassenMN_ChildPhotographer_9ChanhassenMN_ChildPhotographer_9
ChanhassenMN_ChildPhotographer_15ChanhassenMN_ChildPhotographer_15 ChanhassenMN_ChildPhotographer_16ChanhassenMN_ChildPhotographer_16
ChanhassenMN_ChildPhotographer_17ChanhassenMN_ChildPhotographer_17 ChanhassenMN_ChildPhotographer_19ChanhassenMN_ChildPhotographer_19
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Grandma Cindy just can't stop looking at these pictures!! Amazing photos, Amanda!
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