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June 11, 2014  •  1 Comment
It seems like just yesterday I trudged through the snow and dressed this little doll up in a knitted fire fighter outfit for her newborn photos..and now its warm and sunny and Rylee is a whopping 6 months old! Time flies when you are having fun. Someone decided to be a bit more serious during the session, but her dad's funny voices and making fun of her thunder thighs got some smiles to appear! Rylee is learning how to sit up on her own and everything (I mean everything!) goes into her mouth..you name it..her hands, her feet, the dog.. We took advantage of the beautiful sunny June morning to do some family photos outside and then headed inside to dress up the little one with pearls and pink high heels - the shoes Rylee's mom wore for their wedding! I just love all the different funny faces this little girl makes and enjoy watching her grow!
CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_6CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_6 CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_2CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_2
CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_7CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_7 CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_8CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_8
CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_11CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_11 CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_10CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_10
CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_9CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_9 CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_13CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_13
CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_15CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_15 CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_16CologneChildPortraitPhotographer_16
Wish you could tie a brick to your child's head to keep them younger longer? Instead, schedule a session with me today to preserve these fleeting moments!



The pearls! Ah! Loveeeeee this. She's a doll. And the pics aren't too bad either ;)
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